Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Miss Piggy

  • Start by priming eye lids.
  • with a black gel liner apply on lower part of eye lids and blend and make it soft.
  • with a black eye shadow apply over the gel liner.
  • take a darker purple eye shadow on put it on the middle part of the eye lids and blend up to the crease.
  • with a lighter purper eye shadow apply on crease and blend.
  • take a natural eye shadow shade and apply on brow bone.
  • with a shimmering eye shadow apply on inner corner of eyes.
  • with the black gel liner line the upper lash line.
  • with a liner or dark eye shadow and mixing medium use an angled brush and make the 3 bold eye lashes bottom and then fill them in.
  • apply a pink blush.
  • apply red tone lip stick and apply gloss.
  • take some bold eye lashes and apply to upper lash line.
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