Monday, October 17, 2011

Black and Silver Smokey Look

  • start by priming eye lids.
  • with a black eye pencil apply on upper lash line and blend it 1/2 way to middle of lid.
  • apply silver eye shadow on lid and over the black eye pencil shading.
  • with black eye shadow apply on the outer v of eyes and blend a little to the middle of crease.
  • with a white eye shadow apply in inner corner of eyes.
  • apply liquid eye liner on upper lash line.
  • apply the white eye shadow on brow bone.
  • on the water line apply the black pencil on them.
  • take the silver eye shadow and apply from inner corner to middle.
  • apply black eye shadow and apply from outer corner of the lash line to the midle.
  • apply many coats of mascara.

Pink Bronzed Leopard Look

  • start by priming eye lids.
  • apply a pink eye shadow on lids.
  • apply light brown eye shadow on crease.
  • with a bronzed eye pencil apply on the crease lightly and blend with a blending brush.
  • apply bronzed eye pencil to corner of eyes.
  • with liquid liner add C's and backward C's to make the leopard spots. 
  • apply bronzed eye pencil inside the spots.
  • with liquid liner apply on upper lash line.
  • apply a couple of coats of black mascara to the lashes.

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

light blue Nicki Minaj eye shadow tutorial

  • Start by priming the eye lids.
  • Apply white eye shadow base on lids and inner corner of eyes.
  • Apply a light blue eye shadow on the lids and blend above to the crease of eyes.
  • On the outer corner of the crease apply a brown shade and blend on crease to middle of eyes.
  • Apply white eye shadow in the inner corner of eyes.
  • Apply a cream color eye shadow on brow bone.
  • With a black liquid eye liner apply on the upper lash line making winged eye liner look.
  • With a shimmering white eye pencil apply on lower water line of eyes.
  • Apply false lashes using eye lash glue.
  • Take mascara and apply on lashes to combine to false ones.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Metallic Fall Look

This is a metallic fall look. Start by priming your lids with eye shadow primer, using an eye shadow brush apply ultra pearl mania eye shadow from nyx on lids, then with a blending brush apply neutrals encyclopedia eyes from e.l.f. a brown color on the crease, also with a blending brush on the outer v of the eye apply a dark brown color and blend to the crease, now add a high light matte color beneath the brows and inner corners of the eyes add a shimmering eye shadow color, take a brown nyc pencil and line your eyes and use a brown growlicious mascara and apply light layers to the lashes. That finishes the look, hope you enjoy this fall tutorial thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

spring eye shadow tutorial

here is a video on my spring inspired makeup tutorial and pictures.

hold it against me video tutorial

a makeup inspired look from britney spears hold it against me and pictures.

And here is a picture of the finished look:

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Brown Eyes Pop Eyeshadow Tutorial

To get this look watch this video:

Here are some better pictures of the final look: