Saturday, October 15, 2011

light blue Nicki Minaj eye shadow tutorial

  • Start by priming the eye lids.
  • Apply white eye shadow base on lids and inner corner of eyes.
  • Apply a light blue eye shadow on the lids and blend above to the crease of eyes.
  • On the outer corner of the crease apply a brown shade and blend on crease to middle of eyes.
  • Apply white eye shadow in the inner corner of eyes.
  • Apply a cream color eye shadow on brow bone.
  • With a black liquid eye liner apply on the upper lash line making winged eye liner look.
  • With a shimmering white eye pencil apply on lower water line of eyes.
  • Apply false lashes using eye lash glue.
  • Take mascara and apply on lashes to combine to false ones.

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