Saturday, January 28, 2012


  • start by priming eye lids.
  • ok the first wing on the top take a angled brush and apply a light blue eye shadow shade on the outer corner making a wing, bring shadow into the crease and blend back and forth.
  • the second wing also with an angled brush apply purple eye shadow making a wing on the outer corner of eyes bring shadow to the lower part of the lids and blend back and forth.
  • apply a blue eye shadow in between the light blue eye shadow and purple and blend, do not apply on wings.
  • with the blue eye shadow make a wing pointing down connecting the shadow to the outer corner of the lower lashes and blending towards the inner eye.
  • with a shimmering light eye shadow apply on inner corner of eyes.
  • also with the shimmering light eye shadow using the angled brush apply the shadow between the wings and underneath the lower blue wing.
  • liner your upper lash line with black gel liner and make a wing under the purple wing.
  • apply mascara.

just peachy

  • Start by priming eye lids.
  • with a peachy eye shadow shade apply all over eye lid.
  • with a light brown eye shadow shade apply on crease, blending back and forth.
  • with a dark brown eye shadow apply on outer v of eye lid blending the v.
  • apply a light yellow shimmering eye shadow on inner corner of eye.
  • apply a matte light eye shadow shade below brow bone.
  • with an angled brush apply some mixing medium on it and pick up some navy blue eye shadow and apply on upper lash line, extend the line passed the eyes.
  • apply black mascara.

easy yellow gold and brown look

  • Start by priming eye lids.
  • apply a brown shade eye shadow all over lid.
  • apply a shimmering yellow gold shade of eye shadow on the crease.
  • with a blending brush blend where the brown and gold meet.
  • apply a golden brown shade of eye shadow on the outer v of the eye lid and blend it in towards the brown and gold.
  • with a light eye shadow shade apply shadow below the brow bone and inner corner of eyes.
  • apply black gel liner on upper lash line extending passed the line of your eyes and apply to outer corner of lower lashes.
  • apply regular coat of mascara.

Sunrise Look

  • Start by priming lids.
  • add yellow eye shadow in 1/3 of inner eye.
  • add medium yellow orange eye shadow in middle of eye.
  • add medium orange on outer eye lid and onto the crease.
  • add a taupe colored eye shadow to outside the orange color and blend a bit to the crease.
  • with a blending brush blend where the colors meet and blend the crease.
  • add matte light colored eye shadow on brow bow.
  • add a shimmering eye shadow in the inner corner of eyes.
  • line your lower line with a white pencil.
  • line your upper lash line with a gel liner making a wing.
  • apply black mascara.